Snapchats Looking to ‘Up’ Ad Potential

Facebook and Snapchat are currently in the middle of an all-out war for users, ad dollars, innovation and the coveted crown jewel of the social media empire. Who can ignore the obvious, like introducing stories on Instagram followed with Facebook stories launching just last week?

Snapchat is firing back with a few key changes to step up their ad potential, and this can mean serious trouble for Facebook. Advertisers looking for Snapchat ad exposure will now have access to a state of the art, goal-based bidding tool for app install ads. In short, this new feature will allow the advertiser to identify and target Snapchat users who are likely to install its app. Snapchat is targeting its app install ads, which ask snappers to swipe upwards on full-screen video ads, which uses machine-learning technology. This capability was developed in-house at Snapchat and as of right now is exclusive and unlike any other ad offering.

Peter Sellis, the director of monetization product at Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., told Business Insider in a statement, “We’ve been listening closely to direct-response advertisers and are excited to announce the ability to ‘bid for installs’ in our auction. This is a new, cost-efficient way to drive app installs right from Snapchat.”

These new capabilities will allow advertisers to not only better target users who may be more inclined to use their product but also drive them to download their app. Snapchat has also set a new standard by enhancing how advertisers can get in front of users who have previously interacted with their filters on Snapchat, by allowing advertisers to specifically target these users.

Not only will this mean great things for Team Snapchat ($$$) and advertisers alike, it will make for a much more over-saturated user experience resulting in more targeted ads for users.


The latest in Bitmoji Mania: Style Your Snapchat Crew

In a day and age where social status and appearances (seem) to be everything, we are always looking for new ways to reinvent our online personas. Enter, the Bitmoji free app, which allows users to design a personalized avatar. You can even perfect your character down to the finest of details, including: hairstyle, lip shape, laugh lines and of course outfits (curated by Bergdorf Goodman, Forever 21 and Steve Madden just to name a few).

Yesterday, Snapchat announced they have updated their main iOS and Android app to allow people to create widgets of their best friends’ Bitmoji. With Snapchat’s Bitmoji widget, you can select a few friends and see their avatars right from the ‘Today’ screen on iOS and the home screen on Android phones. These shortcuts immediately open a text chat with those friends. It appears that Snapchat is trying to get back into the instant messaging arena which is owned predominantly by Facebook and Instagram.

While I think this is a new novel idea will work to generate some buzz for Snapchat until a bigger and better idea is unveiled. I am not confident this is a big enough draw to entice social users away from instant messaging on Facebook or Instagram Stories. What do you think? Will this new Bitmoji feature encourage both you and your friends to communicate more on Snapchat?