My Digital Valentine

With Valentine’s Day comes endless comparisons and storytelling of how we all spend the holiday with our loved ones. While sitting with some of my baby boomer and gen X friends discussing the topic, I was shocked to hear that many of their partners had memento boxes filled with things like concert tickets (Blondie), hotel soaps (not stolen, I am told) and movie tickets (Titanic anyone?). I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty, I am the ultimate minimalist. I throw away or donate everything! I do not find any sentimental value in crumpled up receipts or napkins with lipstick stains.

What I do truly cherish, is a hashtag I developed for my partner and I in the early stages of our relationship. Shortly after I started dating my fiancee, Ram, we shared our first heartfelt ‘I love you’, and the hashtag #AmandaLovesRam was born. Since this happened in February 2014, it has just stuck. Wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever we post, #AmandaLovesRam is tagged. Our friends and family actually follow the hashtag and look forward to our postings. The hashtag has followed us to London, Paris, New York City, Chicago, Hawaii, San Francisco and Napa Valley. Even through all our travels, at its core the hashtag is about our love and commitment to each other. That’s what makes it special.

In today’s digital age, are memory boxes as valuable as they once were? I can’t help but smile and be proud of what #AmandaLovesRam has become today. I love looking back on our adventures and cherished moments together. In a social sphere where hashtags like #Kardashians and #QOTD are king, I think it’s really great that we have our own slice of the pie. #AmandaLovesRam currently has 99 tags on Instagram, I invite you all to check out all of our adventures. I would also love to hear about how each of you document some of your most cherished moments with friends and loved ones, so please do share!